31950160_1655779381195549_4459331712983236608_nA girl’s office is always said to be the kitchen. Girls are always looked down upon because, people think apart from cooking and house caring,they cannot do something worth praising.

I always stand on my feet and object to that. I believe if girls are given the opportunity to showcase what they have the world would have beenĀ  better than now.

Our communities; Nima , Mamobi , NewTown , etc are classified as slums i.e A thickly populated, run- down,squalid part of a city, inhabited by poor people. Some also classify our communities as deprived. So, Achievers Ghana came to their aid.

Achievers Ghana is a non- governmental organisation. Achievers Ghana was founded on the 3rd of May, 2011. Achievers mission is to educate all girls in slum communities in Ghana to help reduce child marriage,etc.

This whole idea came from the eloquent director, Amadu Mohammed.


Yeah, that is the director of Achievers Ghana. later on joined by Iddris.


The man next to him . Achievers Ghana so far has done a lot of things for the girls and the community at large. Achievers undergo reading to help improve the vocabulary of the girls,


Achievers also with the help of Dream Oval teaches girls robotics and how to code ; picture of some coders at Soronko Academy.


Some girls also got the opportunity to join school for coders, they are taught to create websites, do presentation,etc at IBM.

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Achievers also teaches drama and poetry recitals.It also help boost confidence and creativity in the girls.


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Achievers Ghana is an an organisationĀ  where every girl child should be. Achievers doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter about religious domination, tribe, disability,etc. If anyone wants to support in anyway, or wants to visit, or even want to more about us, U can visit our social media platforms;

facebook; Achievers Ghana

Instagram; Achievers Ghana

www. Achievers


In deed, I am a proud member of Achievers Ghana.